Tiny Lasers Could Make Gas Powered Cars More Efficient

first_imgWhile many of us are focused on the future of electric and hybrid vehicles, some are still trying to improve gas-powered combustion engines. And a new discovery could make those engines much more efficient. And it uses lasers.Laser technology is now at the point where small enough lasers can be designed to fit into a combustion engine, replacing the spark plugs. And not only would the lasers not need to be replaced like spark plugs, but they would also improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by creating leaner air/fuel ratios and faster combustion timing. The lasers themselves are just 11 millimeters long.The team behind the laser ignition system is currently working with both Toyota and an unnamed spark plug company on potential commercial applications.Via Treehuggerlast_img read more

GameStop starts iOS device tradein program may be selling iPhone 5

first_imgGameStop is a store very familiar to gamers who like to trade in their used games and old consoles for store credit. In addition to trading in your old gaming hardware, the store will now welcome iOS devices into its trade-in program. That’s right; GameStop is hopping on the mobile gaming bandwagon. The company announced it will begin selling iPhones, iPods, and iPads as well as offer a trade-in program for those old iOS devices you want to upgrade. Starting this week, GameStop stores will start taking your old iOS devices for in-store credit.It’s not the first time we’ve seen trade-in programs before. Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and Verizon have been some of the many stores to offer some sort of compensation for your old gear. But, the fact that GameStop will soon be selling iOS devices means its serious about mobile gaming.If the rumors of the Apple iPhone 5 being released in early October are true, now might be a good time to trade in your iOS device and get ready to use your credit on the new iPhone. The iPhone 5 is also rumored to be launching on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, marking the first time that the iPhone has been offered on all major carriers. AT&T iPhone customers who aren’t happy with their service may decide to jump ship and purchase an iPhone 5 with Sprint. This would be the perfect opportunity to trade in that AT&T iPhone 4 for credit towards that new Sprint iPhone 5.It’s not guaranteed just yet that GameStop will be selling the iPhone 5, so there’s a chance you might trade in your iPhone and only get store credit towards games like Gears of War 3 or Dead Island.As with any trade-in site, it’s important to shop around, by entering the condition of your device into a few different trade-in sites before getting rid of your device. You might only get $30 worth of credit at GameStop while you can get $100 at Amazon, or vice versa.GameStop via 9to5Maclast_img read more

Handson with Grand Theft Auto III for iOS Android

first_imgWith all of the hub-bub over the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, it’s easy to forget about another big release. Rockstar Games has released its mobile port of  Grand Theft Auto III for iOS and Android. The groundbreaking open world title costs $4.99 in the App Store and Android Market.GTA III is only compatible with select devices. iOS users can play it on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 2, original iPad, and iPod touch 4th generation. On Android, the HTC Rezound, Optimus 2x, Atrix 4G, Droid X2, Photon 4G, Galaxy R, and G2x are fair game. Among Android tablets, the Iconia, Eee Pad Transformer, Dell Streak 7, Optimus Pad, Xoom, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Sony Tablet S, and Toshiba Thrive are in the clear. There are significant omissions here (Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr, Droid Bionic, and many more), so it’s possible Rockstar will update that list.If you’re familiar with GTA III from consoles and on PC, then you won’t be surprised by the mobile version. The biggest difference is the addition of touchscreen controls: be prepared for a display with many semi-transparent buttons. The game does, however, make the transition from controller or mouse/keyboard to touch well. If you’ve played GTA: Chinatown Wars on iOS, you’re looking at a similar experience here.The graphics are sharper than the old PS2 and Xbox editions, and are closest to the PC and Mac versions played on maximum settings. Nothing has been redrawn from the original release (hello, lobster hands), but colors are vivid, shading and textures are solid, and the frame rate is excellent.The game’s characters, driving mechanics, and soundtrack hold up well. The weakest spot is the shooting: the game lacks a cover system, and this is from long before the precision aiming that was added in GTA IV. Fortunately, GTA III doesn’t ask you to be any better of a sharpshooter than the simple firing mechanics allow you to be.Few ten-year-old PC/console games would be landmark releases for today’s mobile devices, but GTA III is just that. There have been mobile 3D sandbox games before, but they were from Gameloft, who lacks Rockstar’s originality, tight gameplay, and clever satire. There has already been a GTA game for iOS, but Chinatown Wars — impressive as it is — has simpler graphics and gameplay that was designed for portables.The bottom line is that GTA III is unquestionably the best open world console game on iOS and Android. That is, until Rockstar gives us Vice City and San Andreas. We can hope, right?Note that the above video is using an iPad 2. Performance on other devices may vary.You can pick up GTA III from the App Store or Android Marketlast_img read more

Microsoft onX app automates Android but faces stiff competition

first_imgMicrosoft is a company that tends to spend every waking moment promoting its own products, even internally. That’s why it’s so odd that Microsoft’s Israeli arm has just released an advanced and polished Android app. The app is called on{X}, and it lets users build “recipes” for automating various tasks on their phone.There are other apps on Android that offer similar functionality, but Microsoft has changed the functionality just a bit. When you install the on{X} app, you will have to log in via Facebook, which has set many users on the warpath. The purpose of this is that the app communicates with a website that actually lets you craft recipes to control your phone. An option for a Google login would be nice, but this is still Microsoft we’re talking about here.There are sample recipes that you can tweak, or you can write entirely new ones with on{X}’s own JavaScript APIs. That makes things a little tricky, not unlike the popular Android app Tasker. The difference being that there are droves of dedicated Tasker users that can provide instructions for setting up Tasker, and very little code is actually required.Strangely, you can’t tweak or create on{X} recipes on the phone; you can only delete them. Locale is another app of this sort that has been on Android for years. It too has more functionality, but it’s also much easier to use than Tasker.New recipes are pushed to the phone automatically, allowing you to perform actions like sending text messages or calling up specific information when various events occur on the phone, or you are in a certain area. My main concern here is that on{X} doesn’t seem to have any deep tie-ins with the hardware. I can see no way to alter the settings of the phone — this is mostly a service for pulling up data and sending messages.While on{X} is free, it’s missing much of the functionality that made Tasker and Locale a success. The most complicated device interactions might be placing a call or launching an app. It does have a fair number of permissions, but not the ones it needs to come even close to the functionality available in other apps. Sure, Tasker and Locale cost a few dollars, but you can actually control your phone’s settings, make rules based on your contacts, and they allow configuration on the device itself.The on{X} app is live in the Google Play Store, and it is an attractive app — very Metro. If your needs are limited, and you fancy knocking around with some JavaScript, take a look at this beta release. In fact, go do that now. I’m not convinced this project is long for the world.via on{X}last_img read more

How the Watchmen movie killed the BioShock movie

first_imgVideo game movies tend to be subpar, often because Hollywood either doesn’t understand the source material or because the wrong game is chosen for an adaptation. Considering the decent writing and story, and — above all else — the fantastic atmosphere BioShock was able to create, the gaming world was understandably stoked when news of a BioShock movie adaptation broke back in 2008. It’s now five years later, and movie has been officially canned. However, Hollywood didn’t kill it, but Ken Levine himself took the movie adaptation of his own franchise and put it out to pasture.Why would he kill off his own anticipated project, though? Levine actually had some pretty good reasons.The movie was being produced at Universal, with Gore Verbinski at the helm, best known for directing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, as well as Rango, and the often underrated The Weather Man. The movie was to be a giant $200 million budget production, and considering the themes in the game and the places the story moves, it would’ve likely been R rated. However, The Watchmen — also a rated R film with mature themes and an enormous budget — recently underperformed, and was fresh in the studio’s mind. Fearing similar failure, the studio suggested the BioShock film be made with a budget of $80 million.Levine said Verbinski didn’t want to do the movie with that kind of budget, so the studio replaced him with a new director, who Levine didn’t think shared the same vision for the film. So, for better or worse, he killed the project. Considering the lead on BioShock didn’t think the movie matched the game’s vision, it was probably for the better.Rather than preventing cinematic joy, Levine most likely prevented more cinematic disappointment. However, it’s still unfortunate that a BioShock movie isn’t in the works, as a big budget film taking place in Rapture would create one of the best cinematic environments we’ve seen on film in a long time.last_img read more

iPhone 5S packaging suggests fingerprint scanner is a silver ring around Home

first_imgWe only have to wait until tomorrow to find out exactly what the iPhone 5S looks like and what its feature set is. But a leak thought to be the final packaging for the new handset has revealed how Apple has managed to integrate the expected fingerprint scanner without messing with the iPhone design too much.As you can see in the image above, provided by Chinese technology website C Technology, the Home button now has a silver ring around it. So rather than an area on the iPhone 5S alongside the Home button, Apple has integrated the scanner directly into the Home button by making it slightly larger.There’s no way of confirming if this packaging is real, but it certainly looks real and Apple must have been stock piling new handsets for a few weeks now preparing for the launch.If that silver ring is proof that the scanner has been integrated so seamlessly, it’s a clever move by Apple. It means your experience of using the phone will remain exactly the same as previous models, but the added security a fingerprint scan provides is an automatic bonus every time you push the Home button.The iPhone 5S (and iPhone 5C) Apple event will begin at 1pm ET (10am PT) tomorrow and we’ll have full coverage of what gets announced right here on Geek.com. And while the look of the 5S may not differ much from the previous model, it’s looking likely to be the most secure iPhone ever launched.last_img read more

Six people die from thunderstorm asthma in Australia

first_img Share143 Tweet Email1 By AFP 20,612 Views Six people die from “thunderstorm asthma” in Australia The rare event triggered respiratory problems for asthma and hay fever sufferers. 3 Comments Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3105154 Image: Shutterstock/Peangdao Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article File photo Nov 27th 2016, 1:45 PM THE DEATH TOLL from Australia’s “thunderstorm asthma” episode has risen to six and three other people are in a critical condition.Authorities are assessing the fallout from the unprecedented event.Four victims — ranging from the ages of 18 to 35 — were last week linked to the unusual weather phenomenon, where a thunderstorm coincided with a high pollen count and sent more than 8,500 patients to hospital emergency departments.The rare event in Australia’s southern state of Victoria triggered respiratory problems for asthma and hay fever sufferers.“There have now been six deaths that may have occurred as a result of conditions relating to the thunderstorm asthma events on Monday,” Victoria’s health department spokesman said in a statement.Five patients are continuing to receive specialist ICU (intensive care unit) care in hospitals in Melbourne, with three still in a critical condition. A further 12 people were being treated for respiratory and other health problems, he added.No further details were released about the two latest victims.‘Like bombs going off’ Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy said on Thursday the demand for ambulances was so acute at one point that “it was like having 150 bombs going off right across a particular part of metropolitan Melbourne”.The government has launched a review into how emergency and health services can better respond and manage such rare events.The phenomenon occurs when rye grass pollen gets wet, breaks into smaller pieces and enters people’s lungs, causing them breathing issues.© AFP 2016Read: FA to investigate child sex abuse allegationsRead: France hits the polls to elect who will take on Marine Le Pen, and there’s a clear frontrunner Sunday 27 Nov 2016, 1:45 PM File photo Image: Shutterstock/Peangdaolast_img read more

When I heard he was dead I felt that I could finally

first_img Nov 28th 2016, 2:03 PM By Sean Murray 15,359 Views Image: Shutterstock/Sanit Fuangnakhon 17 Comments ‘When I heard he was dead, I felt that I could finally breathe’: Victim of serial paedophile speaks out on abuse Anne Kelly detailed her experience of abuse from serial paedophile Eamon Cooke on RTÉ Radio this morning. http://jrnl.ie/3106668 Monday 28 Nov 2016, 2:03 PMcenter_img Share18 Tweet Email A VICTIM OF serial paedophile Eamon Cooke has spoken of the years of abuse she suffered at the hands of the former radio DJ, detailing her feelings of liberation following his death in June.Speaking on RTÉ’s Ryan Tubridy Show, Anne Kelly explained how one of Ireland’s “most prolific and dangerous paedophiles” abused her for three years, and how the experience shaped her life.Cooke was eventually imprisoned for abusing Kelly, and others, and lately became a suspect in the disappearance of Philip Kearns.GroomedThe abuse of Kelly began in the 1970s, at age 7, when Cooke groomed her and several of her friends. After catching them in his garage, Cooke filmed the girls doing the Can Can in his garden and invited them into his house to watch the video.“He essentially lured us from garage to garden to inside his house,” Kelly said. “That was the first time he had his hands on me.”Over the next three years, the abuse escalated.From age eight, they became more serious, and the more threatening and frightening he became. I was threatened that if he told my parents what I was doing, I’d be put in a children’s home.By age nine, Cooke was taking her naked into his bed. “He liked to pair children together. He paired myself and another victim together,” she said.Despite coming from a loving family, Anne Kelly was terrified as to what would happen at the time if her parents had found out about the abuse. When she heard how babies were conceived at age nine, her fears worsened.“At age nine, I believed that I was pregnant and I was most certainly going to hell.”FearThe abuse may have stopped when Kelly was ten years old, but the next few years were marked with a sense of fear and shame.“Cooke had the most incredible ability to engender fear,” she explained. “Adults were petrified of this man, too.”While her parents sensed something was wrong – “my mother said she knew she’d lost her little girl” – they remained unaware of the abuse until Kelly was 18 years old. She added that parents of that generation were unaware that people like that existed.Telling her father about the abuse, she said that she felt “deeply ashamed” of herself. After telling her father, Kelly went to the gardaí to report the abuse but “nothing was done”.When Cooke found out that she was the complainant, he visited her in the shop she worked to threaten her.“On the outside, I would never let him see that I was afraid of him,” she said. When she refused to serve him, he screamed “You can’t do this to me. I won’t let you do this to me”.When he was outside the shop some time later, accompanied by a young girl, Kelly regrets not doing anything at the time to help her. “I’ve thought about that little girl for many years. I still think about her.”LiberationThree years later, when Kelly heard that Cooke’s radio station planned to open a Child Line, she was filled with anger. She said: “I’d given up on anybody capable of dealing with this man.”Followed by her mother, Kelly went to Cooke’s house at night to confront him. After a “rough tussle”, she said the paedophile punched her mother and then ran into his house to call the gardaí. Both she and her mother were arrested by police, but she said the case was thrown out in court.It wasn’t until January 2000 that the gardaí asked Kelly to give a statement about Cooke’s abuse.Seeing him in handcuffs in court for the first time was a great relief.I felt good about that. It was just a great sense of satisfaction to see him unable to be freeCooke was originally found guilty, but a retrial meant that evidence was required to be given twice in court regarding the abuse.“I felt my life was only beginning to come back, but I had no choice but to go ahead with the retrial.”Now that Eamon Cooke has passed away, Anne Kelly feels a sense of liberation at last. His final appeal against his conviction failed in 2015, so his passing in June was the first time she felt that her fear of Cooke had finally gone.“When I heard he was dead, I felt that I could finally breathe,” she said.She added that she had chosen to waive her right to anonymity and go public with her experience to encourage others in the same position to feel that they have nothing to be ashamed of, and can overcome what’s happened to them too.It was a devastating experience. I’ve overcome alcoholism, depression. I want others to know that they can do it too.Kelly closed by urging for more funding for the Rape Crisis Centre, which she says is badly needed.Read: Woman abused by Eamon Cooke as a child says he ‘had it in him’ to kill Philip CairnsRead: Eamon Cooke: the convicted paedophile who launched the careers of RTE legends Short URL File photo File photo Image: Shutterstock/Sanit Fuangnakhon Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Something like this is inexplicable Finnish town in shock after three women

first_img File image. By AFP Image: PA WIRE File image. Image: PA WIRE 9 Comments Monday 5 Dec 2016, 8:29 AM Short URL Share6 Tweet Email center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article A LONE GUNMAN shot dead three women, a local official and two journalists, in an attack in a small town in Finland at the weekend – a country with one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world.Police said yesterday they believed the 23-year-old suspect, who was swiftly arrested after the night-time shooting on Saturday, acted alone and initial indications are that there was no political or extremist motive.The attack took place as the women were leaving a restaurant in the southeastern lakeside town of Imatra near the Russian border, and police said they may have been targeted at random.Investigators identified the victims as the head of the municipal council and two local reporters for the Uutisvuoksi newspaper, the STT news agency said.A police statement said the women had died at the scene after being shot at close range, sustaining gunshot wounds to the head or torso.The suspect, a local man, did not put up any resistance to his arrest and the weapon was found in the boot of his car.The gun belonged to an unidentified person who had a hunting licence, police said, indicating that the inquiry would seek to establish how it was in the suspect’s possession.Finland enjoys relatively low crime rates compared to other European nations but, with many Finns keen hunters, it has one of the biggest gun ownership rates in the world.Town in shock The violence shocked Imatra, a small town of 27,500 people in southeastern Finland which lies just a few kilometres from the Russian border.Outside the restaurant where the shooting took place several makeshift memorials were set up with dozens of candles and other items including a rag doll in a woolly hat.In a posting on its website, the town council said it had set up a counselling facility for residents affected by the bloodshed.The suspect, who already has a record for violence, was interrogated by police yesterday but his motive remained unclear.“Nothing demonstrates that he came (specifically) to kill these three women,” Saku Tielinen, head of the investigation, told a news conference.There was no initial indication that the triple murder was “linked to political issues or extremism”, police said, adding that they were not looking for any other suspects.Victims Imatra mayor Pertti Lintunen confirmed to STT that Tiina Wilen-Jappinen, the local council’s Social-Democrat leader who was in her early 50s, was among the victims.The names of the two journalists, one of whom was of a similar age while the second was in her mid-30s, were not released.“I’m very shocked. This is incomprehensible and it shouldn’t happen. Something like this is inexplicable,” said Lintunen.Finland has seen several deadly shootings over the past decade, all by young men.Figures in the Small Arms Survey, carried out by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, found Finland to be fourth in the civilian gun-ownership ranks, behind the United States, Yemen and Switzerland.In November 2007, eight people were killed in a high school north of the capital Helsinki by an 18-year-old who later killed himself.Less than a year later, a 22-year-old shot and killed 10 people, nine students and a teacher, in a classroom at a cooking school in the western city of Kauhajoki before also committing suicide.And in May 2012, two people were killed and seven more wounded after a shooting near Helsinki by another 18-year-old. The attacker is currently serving life in prison.© AFP 2016Read: Explainer: Is this Italian about to deliver another bloody nose to establishment politics?Read: The last person alive born in the 1800s celebrates her birthday today Dec 5th 2016, 8:29 AM http://jrnl.ie/3119828 “Something like this is inexplicable”: Finnish town in shock after three women shot dead Police believe the 23-year-old suspect acted alone, and that there was no extremist motive. 13,407 Views last_img read more

Michael D Higgins St Patricks own life story was one of hardship

first_imgTheir passion, energy and commitment are building blocks of our nation, and their practical actions of solidarity provide the threads that make up the multi-coloured tapestry that is our Irish nation today.Today, on St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate Irishness at is best, and we reflect on the impact our culture and heritage have had around the world.This Spring, as nature signals the beginning of the season of hope and renewal, let us all work to build the future we hope for and that is rich in shared possibilities.Let us renew our commitment to build on the rich seam of Irish achievements and creativity, in fields as diverse as the arts, science, humanitarianism, politics and business, and work, together, towards achieving the best version of ourselves, for all of us Irish, for our children, our children’s children and for all those with whom we share this vulnerable planet.To my fellow Irish citizens, and to our friends celebrating the day with us: May I wish you a happy and enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day 2017.Beir beannacht.Read: After praising Fidel Castro, Michael D Higgins becomes first Irish statesman to visit Cuba today > By Michael D. Higgins Michael D. Higgins It is thanks to the millions of Irish emigrants that Irishness, and our Irish national day, is celebrated with such affection and enthusiasm all over the globe.It is appropriate that we celebrate as our National Day the Day of St. Patrick, whose own life story was one of hardship and migration. St. Patrick, we are told, was trafficked into Ireland as a slave, managed to escape, but chose to leave his native land again and return to Ireland.In the centuries that followed, migration has remained a constant feature of the Irish experience, defining us as a people, and shaping our outlook on the world.Since taking office I have set out to visit many of our Irish communities abroad, to be given the opportunity to hear their experiences and to connect with their hopes and concerns.Then too, over 80,000 people have visited Sabina and I at Áras an Uachtaráin – people who are active in community groups and civil society organisations who are building an inclusive, sustainable and fair society.Multi-coloured tapestry President of Ireland President Michael D Higgins has released his annual St Patrick’s Day message.ON THIS ST Patrick’s Day 2017 may I, on this special day for the Irish at home and abroad, send my warmest greetings as Uachtarán na hÉireann President of Ireland to Irish people, wherever they may be, and in whatever circumstance, and greetings too to all those who are joining us in celebrating our National Day and our rich cultural heritage.It is a source of pride to all of us Irish that our National Day is celebrated not just here in Ireland, but in countless places around the world where members of the Irish global family have been able to make their homes.We are, as a people with a wide diaspora, happy to have the opportunity to share our national day with those who will join us in our celebration of our culture, our songs and our language. Source: TheJournal.ie/YouTubeAs a migrant people, the Irish have brought their culture and traditions to many new homelands, and in doing so they have been peerless ambassadors for our nation. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Mar 16th 2017, 12:00 PM http://jrnl.ie/3288926 Michael D Higgins: ‘St Patrick’s own life story was one of hardship and migration’ President Higgins described the Irish as a migrant people in his St Patrick’s Day message to those at home and abroad. 52 Comments 433 Views Short URL Thursday 16 Mar 2017, 12:00 PM Share Tweet Email9 last_img read more

Cronin Furlong and Ringrose shortlisted for EPCR Player of the Year award

first_img https://the42.ie/4605093 THREE LEINSTER PLAYERS have been shortlisted for the EPCR’s European Player of the Year award after Leo Cullen’s side booked their place in next month’s Heineken Champions Cup final. Seán Cronin, Tadhg Furlong and Garry Ringrose are included on the five-man shortlist after helping the province to the St James’ Park decider, while Saracens duo Mako Vunipola and Alex Goode are also in the running. Ringrose is one of three Leinster players shortlisted. Source: Inpho/Billy SticklandThe Leinster trio have been rewarded for their outstanding performances in blue this term and they will hope to emulate team-mates, Seán O’Brien and Rob Kearney, who won the award in 2011 and 2012 respectively.Cronin, who is now an injury concern for the final after sustaining a calf issue in Sunday’s semi-final win over Toulouse, has started all eight of Leinster’s Champions Cup games this season, scoring six tries.Furlong’s consistently excellent form has continued during the 2018/19 season and after being nominated last year, the Ireland prop will be hoping to go one step further this time around.Ringrose, again outstanding against Toulouse at the weekend, has played all but 10 minutes of Leinster’s run to a second consecutive European final. The 15 initial nominees from the pool stage have been reduced to five based on the combined verdict of a panel of rugby experts — including Brian O’Driscoll, Bryan Habana and Dimitri Yachvili — and a public vote.Voting has now reopened here and the winner and recipient of the Anthony Foley Memorial Trophy will be announced following the Champions Cup final on Saturday 11 May.  EPCR European Player of the Year 2019 shortlist: 36 Comments Apr 24th 2019, 3:34 PM By Ryan Bailey Sean Cronin (Leinster Rugby)Tadhg Furlong (Leinster Rugby)Alex Goode (Saracens)Garry Ringrose (Leinster Rugby)Mako Vunipola (Saracens)Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: Share Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Wednesday 24 Apr 2019, 3:34 PM Subscribe 14,558 Views Short URL Cronin, Furlong and Ringrose shortlisted for EPCR Player of the Year award Champions Cup finalists Leinster and Saracens dominate the five-man shortlist. last_img read more

Ανακαλύφθηκαν σκελετοί στην Τροία

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Αρχαιολόγοι ανακάλυψαν στην αρχαία πόλη της Τροίας τους σκελετούς ενός άνδρα και μιας γυναίκας που πιστεύεται ότι πέθαναν το 1.200 π.Χ., την εποχή δηλαδή των ομηρικών επών, ανακοίνωσε Γερμανός καθηγητής.Ο Ερνστ Περνίκα, καθηγητής Αρχαιομετρίας του Πανεπιστημίου Τύμπινγκεν, ο οποίος προΐσταται των εκσκαφών στη βορειοδυτική Τουρκία, δήλωσε ότι οι σκελετοί ανακαλύφθηκαν κοντά στο τείχος μιας πόλης που χτίστηκε στο τέλος της εποχής του χαλκού. «Αν αποδειχθεί ότι οι σκελετοί χρονολογούνται από το 1.200 π.Χ. θα συμπίπτουν με την εποχή του Τρωiκού πολέμου», δήλωσε σε συνέντευξή του στο πρακτορείο Ρόιτερ ο καθηγητής.Ο Περνίκα ανέφερε ότι τα κεραμικά που βρέθηκαν θαμμένα κοντά στους σκελετούς προέρχονται από το 1.200 π.Χ., αλλά πρόσθεσε ότι το ζευγάρι μπορεί να θάφτηκε εκεί 400 χρόνια αργότερα. last_img read more

Parents call for change in management

first_imgA number of parents from Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College have withdrawn their children from the school after the Principal resigned in recent weeks, according to a parent with children at the school. The parent, who has asked to remain anonymous, told Neos Kosmos that four families were definitely leaving the school and had enrolled their children in new schools for next year. “There’s already a dozen kids leaving and at least another dozen just hanging in until term one next year,” the source said. A meeting at the school two weeks ago of over 300 parents stood up to the school’s management committee, after the Principal resigned following ongoing issues with the management committee. During the meeting a letter read out from former principal Patrick Power (who was not in attendance) said he felt forced to resign after the management committee issued him a letter implying they would not follow through on a list of his proposals they had formerly agreed upon. Among the promises made by the managment committee was that they would hire a CPA accredited accountant to manage the school’s finances. The source said parents are still not happy, with many not believing the management committee will follow through on their promises, despite a signed letter from the priest declaring a CPA accountant would be hired. “The parents are enraged because they’ve lost a competent educator who quickly made positive changes within the school during his time there,” the source said.The parent speaking to Neos Kosmos, who has two children at the school, said they were hanging in and hoping things might change. “I’m hoping the wake up call was truly a wake up call; they need to start including the parents,” the source said. At the meeting, when one parent asked how many people in the room of over 300 parents could vote a new member into the management committee, (which currently has a waiting list of two years) only four raised their hands, the source said. “Let a group of professionals run the school; they currently have a closed membership full of old people running the school,” the source said. One change the parents are calling for is to have the school run separately from the community, with separate funding and finances.The source said the management committee have on occasion cancelled student activities in the school’s multipurpose hall in order to rent out the space to host wakes when the church across the road is holding a funeral. “They’re just focused on making an extra buck but it’s putting our children’s safety at risk. They’re messing with our kids and their educations,” the source said. In one example the source said five Year 10 students have been told they can’t study Modern Greek next year, as the school wouldn’t be offering the subject. “That’s a joke, it’s a Greek school,” the source said, adding “now the kid has to pay extra to do Greek at another school.“A lot of parents have united on this, some parents have been dealing with this for years, they’re not happy and not going to take this anymore. Head of the senior school at Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College, Marina Theodorou and President of the College board, Angelos Sardelis, were contacted by Neos Kosmos  but had not responded by the time this issue went to press. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Looking for art

first_imgThe Greek Australian Cultural League of Melbourne (GACLM) is seeking artwork from Australian artists for an art exhibition they are organising in July. The aim of this exhibition is to bring together artists from all over Australia and showcase a range of contemporary arts relating to Greek community. The event will be a colourful portrayal of up-and-coming artists. It will give young artists a chance to get their artwork exhibited and to encourage them to pursue a career in the arts. “The idea was a joint one between Cathy Alexopoulos (President of GACLM) and myself, and some other members of the GACLM committee,” explained exhibition coordinator Frixos Ioannides, on how the idea for the exhibition first came about. “In the process of putting together the Antipodes magazine last year, we talked about ways to promote art and culture in the Greek community. One thing led to another and we agreed to look for a venue where a group art exhibition could be held.” The exhibition will give young artists a chance to get their artwork displayed and to also encourage them to pursue a career in the arts. With Greek community as the tying theme, the world really is the artist’s oyster. “We’d like to hear from artists of either Greek descent or artists associated with Greek culture to exhibit. The art work can be painting, print-making, sculpture – we want to show their work,” Ioannides said. The week long event may even look at including a book launch, poetry reading and a film night during the evenings. “It’s the first of it’s kind for the GACLM and hopefully it will be a success and it will be established as an annual event in which art and culture in the Greek community can be celebrated in a manner that is appreciated by the wider Australian community and also by the artists themselves. It’s an open forum for young artists to exhibit their artwork.” Artists interested in participating should contact Ioannides on 0431 546 586 or email frixos.i@gmail.com They will need to submit their contact details as well as a 50 to 100 word biographical note about their work by no later than March 31. The exhibition will run from June 1 to June 8 and will take place at the Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon Street, Carlton. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Reconnecting with Farmer Dan

first_imgDan Drougas began farming his 150 acres of South Gippsland twelve years ago. It’s a long way from Epirus, and the farm near Ioannina where his father spent half a life-time growing potatoes.“We come from a village called Christovitsa. My folks came out in ’63,” says Drougas, who was born in Greece, and whose philosophy for farming and is entwined with his family’s migrant experience. I’ve caught up with Farmer Dan on one of his visits to Melbourne, lending a hand to two of his five grown-up children who are renovating a house.Being back in the city always reminds Dan of the important things in life. “You see people angry about driving on a road. I think ‘jeez you’re lucky to be alive and healthy enough to work.’ People have forgotten the basics.” Dan’s convinced that many of society’s problems today, in terms of health and well-being, lead back to a disconnection between consumers and what they eat. “People don’t know where their food comes from. Kids aren’t taught about this. They’ve lost the connection. I always say to people ‘you can’t eat a flat-screen TV. Think about where your food comes from and teach your kids, give them a little plot in the back-yard, and just grow something.’ ” Dan grew up in Richmond with his mum and dad and two sisters. “My parents rented with relatives, so there were three families in the house.” Does he remember the food of his childhood? “We were poor. You ate a lot of offal, they used to give it away. I had my own chook pen, and people said ‘ he’s going to be farmer.’ We went to Greek school, were taught to dance, spoke Greek at home, the whole thing, and I’ve carried that on with my kids. My mum still makes the best pitas.”After high school, Dan’s interest in farming deepened, much to his father’s dismay. “He always steered me away from what he saw as the hardship he experienced in Greece. He didn’t want his son to experience the same. But it’s different in Australia. It’s still a country of opportunity, if you’re prepared to work hard, you can make a go of it – no matter what anyone says.” Dan went on to study at the Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture, worked for the Victorian Government’s Department of Agriculture for a dozen years, before buying his own fertile pastures beside the Jack river in South Gippsland. “It’s idyllic,” says Dan, who runs the farm with his wife Catherine who he married aged 19. “We run about 80-100 cows for calving, and carry some rare english breeds of sheep and pigs.” What is it that makes the meat Dan produces and sells online and at farmers markets, really different? “We raise our cattle naturally and give them best quality of life possible. They’re born and raised on our farm with care and kindness, without the use of Hormonal Growth Promotants (HGPs) and antibiotics. Our cattle are fed a diet that is 100 per cent plant based. We refuse to feed them pellets and grains.” Surely this caring, less-intensive farming process means that Dan’s hand-reared products are going to be more expensive compared to what’s on offer generally? “We have some of the best prices for free range grass fed beef and lamb around. The products we sell are a similar to what is on offer at the most expensive butchers in Melbourne. It is unfortunate that some families can still not afford to buy meat because prices at the supermarket are exorbitant. There’s a lot of price-gouging going on. I’m able to source meat and other products at very competitive prices and supply direct.” Today Dan has customer base of around 400 regular buyers, and it’s growing rapidly. ” They can taste the difference and the word’s spreading. Since we started the online shop six years ago business has increased dramatically. Every year our sales are doubling.” There’s an honesty of approach to business by Dan Drougas, no doubt a product of growing up in modest circumstances, where every family meal was cherished, where a knowledge of food and the care and effort to bring it to the table, was a vital part of life itself. It’s a business model that is often lost in today’s retail world where maximising profits is the norm.” I go to some farmers markets where people are selling for $58 a kilo the same product that I charge $32 for, says Dan. “We don’t all have money. Everyone should have the right to eat a good quality product at a reasonable price.” Farmer Dan’s free range beef, lamb and pork is available online at www.thefarmersmarket.com.au Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Houses are overpriced

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Australian home prices are rising at the fastest pace in more than three years. Australian houses are 7 per cent overvalued based on long-term trends, said AMP Capital Investors Ltd. Australian homes are the sixth most overvalued globally, and the house-price-to-income ratio was 21 per cent above its long-term average, according to the OECD. “I wouldn’t put housing in bubble territory,” said Gavin Slater, head of NAB’s retail bank. “Growth rates of 4 per cent to 4.5 per cent in mortgages probably doesn’t appear unreasonable.” Source: Bloomberg Newslast_img read more

Onestopshop for homeless

first_imgBusiness and community groups came together in Perth on Wednesday 12 November to provide free services to the homeless for a day. The Homeless Connect Project is held annually by the City of Perth and Volunteering WA. Homeless Connect Perth is based on a one-stop-shop model of service provision to homeless people. The Hellenic community once again came together to offer a wide range of services to people living in the streets and disadvantaged people in general, at Homeless Connect this month, with the goal of helping them find new pathways and connections. Reverend Father Elpidios managed to collect an enormous amount of non-perishable food through his Food Appeal, ensuring that more than 1,000 families will benefit from the event. People in need were able to connect with a wide range of service providers, including housing, legal, medical, dental, employment, identification and recreational. Federal, state and local government agencies were also present. Volunteers supported the event’s implementation. The Hellenic Community members were also delighted to provide its facilities free for this worthwhile day, while Garrod Keightley with his team of hair professionals provided free haircuts to the hundreds of homeless.For more information visit www.perth.wa.gov.au Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Doctor in Crete convicted for 11montholds death

first_imgA doctor blamed for the death of an 11-month-old was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday. Based on the island on Crete, the infant died during an operation at the University Hospital of Crete in November 2012 as a result of complications that arose during the procedure, reports Kathimerini.The convicted doctor and his legal representatives have since decided to appeal the decision, resulting in suspension of the sentence. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

PRONIA course on mediation during family crises

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Pronia, in collaboration with FMC Mediation and Counselling Services, has organised a joint information session for parents, grandparents and family members to discuss mediation in cases of family dispute at the Clayton Community Centre, (9 -15 Cooke St, Clayton).Guest speakers will be Nhi Tran, the programme leader of Mediation Services – East/West), and Dominique Horne, family consultant/project worker for Respecting Elders – Support and Conflict Resolution Services. The presenters will provide information, materials, and an opportunity to ask questions. A Greek interpreter will be provided at the event, which is to be held on Wednesday 13 September from 10.30 am – 2.00 pm at the Clayton Community Centre (9 -15 Cooke St, Clayton).Six-Week Course Further assistance is offered with a six-week skills training course for Greek grandparents experiencing family conflict.Pronia will introduce the support services available for grandparents affected by the separation of an adult child as well as explain the rights of grandchildren to maintain an active relationship and contact/visits to the grandparents after the divorce or re-partnering of their parents. The course will take place in Oakleigh, and will assist grandparents with mediation and how this service can help people to avoid going to court unnecessarily offering support during family crisis and separation/divorce. Access to services is by self-referral or referral by family/relatives, other services and professionals.Mediation offers practical stress management and conflict resolution skills and assists effective communication techniques between involved parties. The course will run for six consecutive Thursday afternoons starting Thursday 24 August from 1.00 – 4.00 pm. * This is a closed group. Clients eligible to attend will be assessed and notified prior to commencement of program. Participants need to attend every session once enrolled into the course. For further information call Pronia on (03)9388 9998 or visit Pronia’s website.last_img read more

Firefox 364 une nouvelle version sans plantage grâce à Lorentz

first_imgFirefox 3.6.4 : une nouvelle version sans plantage grâce à LorentzÉtats-unis – La fondation Mozilla vient de lancer la version bêta de Firefox 3.6.4. Cette nouvelle version du navigateur intègre la technologie Lorentz, conçue pour éviter au navigateur web de planter.Ce n’est pour l’instant qu’une version bêta, mais la fondation Mozilla dévoile au public ce que sera la prochaine version de Firefox. La technologie Lorentz, dont est dotée la version 3.6.4 de Firefox, permet de séparer les plugins du navigateur : elle utilise ainsi différents processus pour faire fonctionner les plugins (logiciels complémentaires) et le navigateur en lui-même. En d’autres termes, si lors de la navigation, l’un des plugins plante, la navigation sur Firefox n’est pas interrompue car le cloisonnement assuré par Lorentz isole le problème.La dernière version de Firefox (3.6.3) recevra une mise à jour automatique, intégrant les nouveaux plugins, tandis que les anciens continueront à fonctionner normalement. Pour les autres versions, il faudra se rendre sur le site de Mozilla pour télécharger la nouvelle version.Le 21 avril 2010 à 10:07 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more